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Author Topic: Sorry I haven't been around much  (Read 446 times)

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Sorry I haven't been around much
« on: February 01, 2018, 12:26:21 AM »
Sorry I haven't been posting much, & it seems like I've disappeared a lot.

I've been at my sites every day & on the servers taking care of things, updating our software, security, & looking around as usual. But I haven't had the time, energy, & health to do much else here lately.

As most of you know after stabilizing my COPD for over a couple years, it got much worse over the summer. It never improved again after that. Suddenly before Christmas it got even dramatically & terribly worse. Just getting up to the bathroom to go poo was a dreadful, traumatic experience of gasping for air almost suffocating to death. Every few steps I had to stop, gasping to catch my breath. It would take a miserable & desperate couple hours just to go poo & make it back.

I have no health insurance. So I have no legal prescriptions to get meds, treatments, or oxygen. A single trip to the doctor could cost me months to years of my rent money. I'm also home-bound. Without meds or portable oxygen I can't step out of my apartment for more than a few minutes without desperately gasping for air anyway -- and doctors don't make house call for free anymore.

With well filtered air in a climate-controlled apartment, I'm just barely able to get by. Outside of my place my breathing gets substantially worse. My food & supplies have to be delivered to me. I can no longer get down the stairs. I'm stuck up here. I had to give someone my keys, to bring my food & supplies up to me once a month.

I was forced to buy a small oxygen machine that I can't afford. It helps, in that I won't die of suffocation or a heart attack just trying to go poo, but other than that, it doesn't make my life much easier... I'm just not in danger of imminent death anymore with the new machine.

I could only get a smaller undersized oxygen machine... and it's AC powered, so not portable or mobile. Got long hoses for it though. It's just not powerful enough or makes enough O2 for my condition.

It takes me 40-60 minutes of desperately gasping for air to go poo instead of 2 hours. And at least with the O2, I probably won't die, pass out, or shyt my panties trying to go. I can bend over to pick something up twice before getting way too out of breath instead of just once.

So I've been very busy, & in terrible, miserable health.

Hopefully with your prayers, help, & donations, it will all just be temporary & there's a light at the end of this dark terrible tunnel.

In the meantime, rest assured. I'm still here taking care of our sites, servers, & security. We're still functioning normally. I'm just too busy, ill, & tired to be as sociable as usual or post lots of cool stuff.

My highest priority at our sites will be the safety, security, functionality, & reliability of them. The social graces & frills will have to wait until I have more time & feel a little better.


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