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Author Topic: Presidential Insanity  (Read 498 times)

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Presidential Insanity
« on: November 20, 2017, 06:08:34 PM »
I don't think most people realize how mentally unstable & dangerous Trump is to the USA & the world.

There's a petition signed by 65,000 mental health care workers going around that declares Trump totally nuts & not fit for the office... and not just a little bit crazy, but dangerously crazy!

Be very afraid!

I don't care what you're ideology or opinions are, or how "conservative" you think you are. You DON'T put an out of control, chronic liar, screwball loose canon, nut case, who's out of touch with reality, in control of the highest office in America!

We had so many wonderful good republicans to choose from. Why did they choose to craziest one out of the bunch? Did they think he would be another corporate & party puppet like Bush?

Did you stupid people think you'd teach us "libtards" a lesson by taking away health care from YOUR granparents, & blowing up YOUR world, or sending YOU, me, & YOUR descendants back to the dark ages?

God Save Us !!! Not from Trump, but from all you people who think his crazy butt is cool & right !!! Are you as nuts as he is? How can you possibly believe every news source on the planet is wrong except for FOX, or rabble rowsers as bad as fake preachers?

I actually know some pretty cool crazy people. I can even agree with some stuff they say. But I'm not going to give those crazy people keys to my car, let them in my house unsupervised, & definitely not put them in charge of my life or country.

Why? Because even though I may agree with some stuff they say, I am not going to put a chronic liar, or screwball in control of anything!


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