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Author Topic: Military cover-up Manitoba UFO crash  (Read 1102 times)

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Military cover-up Manitoba UFO crash
« on: February 22, 2015, 03:05:47 PM »
In response to reports this week of mysterious lights over Jackhead Reservation in Manitoba, a UFO crash into Lake Winnipeg & military forces on snowmobiles seen pulling a large disc out of the lake, Canadian military say it was just a military training exercise.

On the night of Wednesday, February 18, reports began appearing on social media of lights over Lake Winnipeg.

These were followed by Facebook posts by a Brent Mancheese, "UFO crash reported on the Jackhead reserve in Manitoba, Canada. Apparently the Canadian Military have vehicles lined up on north shore. They are threatening anybody who tries to take pics…lots of eye witnesses. There is a round object being hauled across the lake being pulled by snow mobiles and bombardier … Something was seen going down by 8 fishermen, they reported it…why would they not let the media know if it was a plane crash? Apparently a disc shaped craft was seen crashing through the ice on the lake. At least one person got photographic evidence but has since been detained by the Canadian military."

According to Lt.-Col. Paul Davies, commanding officer 38 Territorial Battalion Group, about 150 military personnel were at the frozen lake taking part in Exercise Arctic Bison 2015, a training program for dealing with emergencies in harsh environments.

He said "There’s no aliens, just my friends in the air force who are out there helping us on this exercise … that was not a UFO. From a distance it may have looked like it was going straight up in the air, but it wasn’t."

An airplane taking off from a frozen lake? What about the crash? What about the disc? What about the photographic evidence? What about the witnesses?

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Re: Military cover-up Manitoba UFO crash
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2015, 03:17:39 PM »
Nobody was allowed to leave or enter the reservation at the time and the military had been going door to door talking with residents. They were telling the residents that they are conducting emergency training exercises, but there has been an extreme cold front in Manitoba over the last 2 days and it is extremely dangerous to spend time outdoors for any period, so have ordered all residents to stay inside.

The military has moved in all their equipment effectively blocking any view of what may have crashed into the water or what they are doing there.


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