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Author Topic: COPD bathroom difficulty.  (Read 2451 times)

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COPD bathroom difficulty.
« on: April 25, 2022, 05:24:55 PM »
What is actually occurring is that when you get out of breath, your brain goes into (for lack of a better term) survival mode. In this mode, the brain triggers blood to the most essential organs that must keep working for us to remain alive. Unfortunately, this does not include the bladder or sphincter muscles. The result is the sudden need to either urinate or have a bowel movement.


"I have found is that the quicker I rush to find a bathroom, the more I get out of breath and consequently, the greater the urge to go.”

"check your pulse oximeter!! When mine hits '90' and my pulse is over 105, I know the urge is about to happen.....I stop and do PLB slowly to raise my sat and the urge resolves. Each person is different. It is not always when you are short of breath, but you can have a low sat for other reasons and the urge will be there. I always carry a pair of underpants in my purse."

"I asked my pulmo dr about this... he kinda snickered and said he never heard that one before. I am starting to think I need a new pulmo dr. as he has also told me i will not, period...progress with this disease of COPD since I stopped smoking, but it is ok to try to work in construction as I have for 30 yrs."
"Unfortunately that pulmo experience is very common from what I have seen. A lot of questions we have should be addressed by our pulmos and not by copd forum members, yet that is not the case. I have had pulmos give me information that is so far from the truth, and in such a detached manner, that I feel as if I am with a robot.
And mine goes a step further, listing things like that as "anxiety", which is a detriment to getting proper healthcare, since many in healthcare only know the basics and look to a pulmo's notes."

"Insult to one's vanity couldn't be worse than to be caught by a whole crowd observing you take an uncontrolled dump in public. I'm just thankful it hasn't been that often, but the few times it happened I felt like I was going to die. There you are; you already can't breathe worth a d%*n, and you got to get organized and find a clever way to clean up without making too much of a stir."


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