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Pets, animals & nature
/ Rare panther photographed for the first time in 100 years
« Last post by Psk on February 13, 2019, 12:57:31 PM »
This is the first time anyone has captured a melanistic leopard on camera in Africa in 100 years.

Very few images of these iconic, secretive African panthers exist.

A black panther is a loose term for a black leopard or black jaguar, depending where in the world it's from.

The black leopard photographed is a male and based on its size, thought to be around two years old.

"We had always heard about black leopards living in this region, but the stories were absent of high quality footage that could confirm their existence," said Nicholas Pilfold PhD, lead researcher for a leopard conservation program in Laikipia County.

"Collectively these are the first confirmed images in nearly 100 years of a black leopard in Africa, and this region is the only known spot in all of Africa to have a black leopard."

It's easy to think of black panthers as animals in their own right, but that's not the case.

"The term that makes them black is called melanism and it's the same thing that makes a house cat black, or any other cat species.

It's kind of like albino but the other way.

A black panther is basically a melanistic big cat. Typically in Africa and Asia that would mean a melanistic leopard - a black leopard.

In South America it would be a melanistic jaguar - a black jaguar."
Paranormal, Aliens, & UFOs
/ Re: Psychic Predictions for 2019 & Beyond.
« Last post by Psk on February 13, 2019, 12:26:32 AM »

Trump will not be impeached, at least not in 2019.

It seems as though NASA is going to put plans into action that involve creating a moon base and they will be recruiting from the general public to fill some of the spaces. Similarly, 2019 predictions suggest that Elon Musk and his planned trip to Mars will be hit by delays. However, he is going to make progress in 2019 that will revolutionize space travel.

The United Kingdom, comprised of Scotland, Wales, England, and Northern Ireland, will face major flooding, particularly in England. To some people, these floods will feel like a sign of the end times, but the worst is still to come.

A giant, metallic meteorite is going to come crashing down in Russia.This won’t impact the rest of the world but it will cause destruction in Russia.

2019 predictions suggest that China’s economy is going to crash and the whole country will be thrown into a recession. This will create a domino effect that could impact the entire planet.

Donald Trump is in his last year of president and his last year of his life. He will not see the new decade come because of the enemies he has made over the last few years.In the middle of the year, a co-conspiracy of individuals in the FBI will plot an assassination that will take place in the fall. It will occur during a rally and he will be shot and killed by a patsy. The initial blame will be put on the cartel of El Chapo, but the blame will shift to ISIS after a few days of uncertainty in the “official” story.

China discovers a key component to curing AIDS this year.

A major scandal will hit Bill Gates and will cause a significant loss of his wealth as a result.

More anger is coming against Jeff Bezos and he will not survive the onslaught.

Lindsay Lohan will marry a man who is effeminate, but not gay.

Chaka Khan faces death this year.

Tina Turner will pass away in July.

(Don't forget to see predictions for 2020 made in January-March 2020 at and our YouTube channel at
Paranormal, Aliens, & UFOs
/ Re: Psychic Predictions for 2019 & Beyond.
« Last post by Psk on February 12, 2019, 11:57:46 PM »
More 2019 predictions from psychics:

More preditions from internationally popular psychics for 2019:

President Donald Trump re-elected because of consumer confidence and a strong economy. Mitch McConnell could play a powerful role in 2019 shielding Trump from impeachment, approve staff who will have the President’s back, and pass/block bills President likes or dislikes. If the President stumbles McConnell would take center stage.

Gold hit $1,400 in 2019.

Americans stay put in their homes and remodel instead of buying new homes which helps home improvement stores.

Netflix releasing more movies in 2019 than most major film studios combined.

Only 48% chance the Democrats take the Senate in 2020.

Building collapse in New York City due to structural problems.

Global elite will buy up property in New Zealand in the hopes of escape World War 3 in the future.

Peace in Middle East.

A possibility of Pope Francis resigning amid the conflicting sexual reports in 2019 but he also has the chance to stay on and change his legacy in the Catholic Church and appoint women at the highest level as Cardinals, and allow priests to marry and those who have devoted their lives in the church to have companionship and marry.

Terrorist attacks to continue in London, New York, California, France, Egypt, and Canada.

Riots in China possible recession.

Earthquakes up to 6.2 or just below for San Francisco, Mexico, Japan, Alaska, Los Angeles, New Zealand. Power outages in New York and San Francisco.

Hurricane season reaps havoc for parts of New York city, high tides and storms for Philippines, with wild fires in Canada, and Australia.

A flu vaccine contained in a band-aid injects vaccine into body, can be mailed to patients home.

Earthquakes in Cuba and China, issues with crops will lead to rising food prices.

Major disruption is caused to British Banks and Financial Institutions by Russian hackers. Simultaneous attacks are made on credit card companies and websites. This will happen close to Brexit Day.

Large swathes of the UK will see record flooding. Hardest hit are the West Country and Lancashire.

Erump will have an illness. But not life-threatening but maybe something like a perforated bowel – serious but not terminal.

Continued attempts to impeach Trump fail. He will get a second term in office.

The US will experience a lot of seismic activity in 2019. Hurricanes and flooding to hit Florida and East Coast plus hurricane winds to hit as far north as New York.

Funding is announced to build a Moon base for rare earth metal mining.

China plunges into recession and people take to the streets with riots.

A large meteorite hits Russia and makes the international news. This is not a threat to the world but a wakeup call that we pay more attention to avert future problems.

Russia will sell battleships and other military hardware to China and so upsetting the balance of power in the China South Sea. America will increase troops in the area.

Kim Jong-un strikes a deal with Trump but North Korean people eventually revolt against their leader.

There will be a devastating earthquake in Nepal

European countries will have bad floods especially in Hungary, Italy and Czechoslovakia and Britain.

Trump may have a mysterious illness and have hearing loss, vertigo.

Beyond 2020:

There will be a union of North and South Korea.

A possible meteorite may hit Russia.

Europe will experience an economic collapse, Italy will be the next crisis.

Climate and hurricanes will be a factor especially for people in Florida, Texas and New Orleans.
The U.S.A will have a 500 mile earthquake between Vancouver and Northern California. The magnitude will be around 8.0 and 8.6.

Many psychics predict a world war that will involve two superpowers and will last 27 years and start after the death of the current Pope. Edgar Cayce did not predict another world war as he believed that there was a power available to us to change this course.

There will be new health discoveries in order to help save lives and our life expectancy will start to extend to 200 years.

There will be an emergence of electrical cars and motorcycles. Folding phones are back. Internet will surpass TV. World’s largest solar park will come online in Egypt. Wind farms will continue to thrive. There will be the introduction of self driving cars throughout Europe. The cost of solar energy will go way down. GM will have self driving cars to compete with Uber. Volvo will only produce electric cars.
Robots will begin to replace judges with mind reading devices to determine guilt. We will also be able to hire robots for lawyers that will give legal counsel for routine cases and handle tax accounts. Many management positions will begin to be taken over by bots to manage workers. If we cannot drive, we can get a robot to drive us around.

At least 6 out of 10 households in the world will have a device that will monitor their activity. This will mean we are bombarded even more from advertisers telling us to buy more and more.

The era of social control has begun in China where they will classify its citizens into sectors based on their decisions made and how it behaves with its everyday life. This will determine who is worthwhile and who is not to reduce overpopulation. In other countries it will be sold under the guise of identifying terrorists when in reality it is about taxes and banks.
Paranormal, Aliens, & UFOs
/ Re: Psychic Predictions for 2019 & Beyond.
« Last post by Psk on February 12, 2019, 10:11:49 PM »
In 2020:
(These are also from some of the most popular psychics, in no particular order)

A major earthquake in the West US.
Something happening in the Great Lakes. This might be discovery and concern over water pollution in Great Lakes.

The Panama Canal is in the news. The seas are rising.

No food on shelves, no gas in cars, no electricity. Doesn’t say where this is happening.

War in the Middle East continues.

Soup lines, food scarcity, people helping in their community.

Bill Gate notable in 2020.

People cheering at Time Square on Election Day.

Trump is gone, but not in jail. His name will live on as a curse. Some of his family will change their names and try to hide.

A presidential race that is confusing. Internet is being attacked in some way-making it hard to know truth.

Trump wins again.

People refuse to pay their taxes! A big tax evasion movement going on!

Hardship across the U.S. People are learning to live with less.

Riots in the U.S.A.

U.S. in full crisis mode.

A major earthquake, California?

More on aliens in 2020.


Changes, rationing, ups and downs.

Broader hats to shelter us from the sun, more farming.

The Arctic Circle will transform completely in the next decade. The snow will all be melted and it will have a hot sun.


Oil and gas-fueled travel banned in many places.

Trees dying, huge forests appear swamped.

The Baja Peninsula is under water.

We find intelligent life on an other planet.

Robin Hood bands of green-clothed young men (and women) hunting with bows and arrows and with guns raised.

Tom Sawyer images – return to rural living in America.

Statue of Liberty up to her upper thighs in water.

Fish swimming past NYC airport, airport signs under water.

Truly modern alternative cities.

A water world, or like little islands and lots of water and it’s warm.

People living in the northern most regions of Canada.

Settlements on Mars, space colonies.

There’s contact with aliens.

China biggest world power and India more important too.

Mountain range exposed under melted ice, massive fish death.

Problem with trees, need for trees that can survive these harsh conditions.

Greenland turning green.

More food is being drawn from the oceans. Surprising new sources of food.

Largely agricultural. Not the high tech sci-fi world I would imagine. No taste for aggression and wars. Everyone just gets along.

Only one Korea by then.

Chickens abound.

I’m watching from the moon and I see shooting stars. They are planes landing to and from the planet.

Not much ice on the poles.

The kids who are being raised to be kinder to one another now will have grown up and brought that into the workplace. The workplace culture will be transformed from what we know it. Work hours will be family friendly.

Many fewer people. People are not striving, just living and being glad for it.

Acid rain burning.

Lots of water canals in some places, need boats to get around.

Ruins of flooded coastal cities, overgrown and picturesque, have become tourist attractions. We live in smaller communities with cleaner technology land less people.

Aliens helping us farm.

Man in robes and beard looms over Capitol in rage. Brings fire and brimstone down on it.

I see a lot of old people, implies life extension, age, sex, gender, race, and cultural blending. I sense wisdom in the collective.

Everyone is wearing uniforms, are dark blue, very military.

Cities floating on the ocean in international waters.

Life spans double what they are now. There are ET outposts in remote areas.

2058-2061 another World War.  Feels like people are living in late WWII Germany ghettos.  China, and other Asian countries and Japan allied against Australia and its allies.

Human and animals are considered equals.

People cook less.  They buy their meals at machines or communal kitchens.

Thick clouds covering the Eastern Seaboard. (Jeanne Mayell)

Mushroom shaped cloud. A nuclear explosion to block the heat of the sun?

Coast of eastern U.S. flooded 20-30 miles inland, mudflats.

The sky is yellow.

China at the forefront of technology, they rule and make major decisions, leaders overall.

US has no international influence at all.

Center of U.S. is brown and barren, like Australia, in that most of population lives along coasts.

About 75% fewer people, but are healthier, and world is wilder than before.


Integrated with aliens, they live among us.

Aliens are now our neighbors, helping us farm. Assisting in technologies.

Foggy… air quality much worse.

Small communities scattered. People huddled more together in small communities. Alaska fully settled, and northern Canada too. Rainy, very rainy in the northern latitudes.

New York City underwater.

World population declining.

Population much smaller. Animals precious. We are not alone. Aliens. Space travel normal. A devastation occurred which destroyed so much and woke us up completely.

There is some kind of protective bubble over the earth, protecting our atmosphere, protecting us from global warming.

People are not seen. In homes that are made of cold, steel color.

Most of Florida covered in water, has become a sailboat playground.

Huge migration to Canada.

Small flying vehicles that have replaced cars. They are very safe transportation. There maybe no guns at all. Food is more controlled, cleaner, better healthcare, and there are fewer people in the whole world.

There is a focus on growing food. Everyone knows how to grow food.

Most of the planet is without people.

It’s not space age, but sustainable housing that is super tech, sparsely populated, living not in big cities but small communities.

Much migration from India. China is a major world power.

Regrowth for the planet through artificial means, which helps recovery.
Paranormal, Aliens, & UFOs
/ Re: Psychic Predictions for 2019 & Beyond.
« Last post by Psk on February 12, 2019, 08:58:41 PM »
More 2019 predictions:

US going through a bad crash.  May not be related to money, but the country is in the dark.

Some kind of censorship, like a fake person made up by thousands of bots that impersonate humans and crowd out real news.

We will hit the lowest point in 2019 and early 2020 due to a combination of increasing authoritarian and chaotic rule by Donald Trump, cyber warfare on truth and continued onslaught of fake news, along with some form of intimidation and  censorship of the press, and an economic downturn.

Trump makes increasingly desperate and ill conceived choices.He hangs on throughout 2019. Something may impede the Mueller investigation in 2019. A blue wave in the November 2020 election in both houses of Congress which would make it impossible for Trump if he hoped to remain in office.

Democracy will not die, though it will take a beating. Washington will become a ragged shell of its former self.

A huge shock in 2019. It’s going to change everything militarily and economically.  It’s like a combination of bad things happening all at once. Financial instability.  Markets volatile. Military action. Political unrest. We are still a divided country, but there are signs of compromise. The worst of times brings out the best in people.

The decline of Washington will coincide with the rise in power of  states and localities. California will become as close to an independent country as it can without seceding.

Grass roots activists gather strength and by the mid to late 2020’s, a more progressive and humanitarian focus takes over. The U.S. seems less powerful on the world stage, but people also seem calmer. There also is a rise in spirituality and the feeling of being guided. Caused by an out-of-touch federal government, an economic downturn, and/or climate devastation so great, people will turn to state and local governments to help them.

A shaman showing way to a more expanded and cosmic consciousness.

Aliens come.

Alien spaceship seen and known.

More Americans forced to live off the grid.

A lot of snow.

The Arctic may fully melt by the end of 2019.

Ripples of water moving from the Midwest toward the Southwest.

Too much water – flooding.

Western part of U.S. under stress due to drought.

Waters starting to rise in NYC.

California breaking from U.S. in many ways.

Earthquake which did a lot of damage to the ‘Ring of Fire’ area and Japan or China.

A war in the Middle East, but it doesn’t spread. However the US and Russia use Middle Eastern countries as surrogates.

Russia launches an attack on the electrical grid of mainland USA, leaving millions without electricity.

Tanks rolling in, army boots, somewhere in a dry, dessert area. Feels like the Middle East.

War sucking strength out of the people and the country. People are exhausted.

The planet is still going through dramatic changes, but they settle and we adapt. Adapting is the key accomplishment this year — physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Trump speechless with no expression. Trump dementia in the news. Trump on airplane flying away overseas, surrounded by fiercely determined female nurses. Mike Pence in prominent in the news.

Water coming from the west. A torrent. Its timing is unknown, but it will wash away much. The Mississippi will flood onto the banks and up into farms. The land will not hold it this time. The change in gravity will pull the water south in mass.

In the next few years, climate change will surge. The planet will be heating up faster than scientists have been predicting. The rise in temperatures will cause people to finally drop materialism and turn to spirituality and greater respect for the earth to deal with what we will be facing.   People will also begin preparing for how they will  live through these changes.  This crisis will cause an age of enlightenment to arise.

The Arctic may fully melt by the end of 2019.  In the 2020’s, it transforms into a brown landscape with caribou running wild. This melted condition will accelerate climate change — unprecedented super storms in the North Atlantic. As a result of the Arctic’s new climate, meteorologists will be seeing a new prevailing wind shift across the U.S.  which will profoundly effect the weather.

The continued weakening of the Gulf Stream, along with other climate disruption,  will cause chaotic weather, especially cold weather in New England and Europe, which will in later years cause crop less summers. $50 for an apple in New England.

More beyond 2019:

Breakthrough in technology for electric cars.

Breakthroughs in space exploration. Another planet with life.

North Korea resolution. Kim Jong Un “neutralized”, deceased or out of power.

Contact, between realms.

War, people holding hands, war, children born with gifts.

Peace in Middle East. U.S. is safe from attacks.

Middle east, biblical event.

(scroll down below for more predictions)
Paranormal, Aliens, & UFOs
/ Psychic Predictions for 2019 & Beyond.
« Last post by Psk on February 12, 2019, 07:57:26 PM »
(Don't forget to see predictions for 2020 made in January-March 2020 at and our YouTube channel at

There's dozens of "psychics" in every town predicting lots of stuff. I selected just the most popular ones internationally who get it somewhat close sometimes -- in no particular order.

A leader emerges who is exactly what he says he is, kind and cares about this country and the world. He gives people hope the way John Kennedy did, very progressive. He wins the seat he is running for, he is in the northeast part of the country.

The president will be looking at a family or health issue in July and that may serve as a wake up call. We may not hear the full story until the fall.

The way we approach farming is going to change radically. People's relationship with money will change. We will see several politicians impeached.

Temperatures will be rising, so we will see more record heat waves and more fires.

We will begin to realize, power and greed are the issues, not money. How we look at money changes.

A woman who is practical and down to earth emerges a leader, she is a by the book person, realistic in her approach. She will be mocked and ridiculed but she will not give up. She is in the northeastern part of the county and she too wins her race.

Trump will go head to head with China, possibly on a trade war, a lot of back and forth and unrest. However, he will remain in power.

Putin has a new hypersonic nuclear vehicle, going up into space in 2019 which is also very dangerous.

Huge advances with NASA and the space industry happening in 2019, one of which will be discoveries on the Moon.

The US government will finally admit to the existence of an extraterrestrial aircraft and life that they have previously discovered and kept secret.

Volcanic eruptions in Italy.

Large earthquakes possible in Alaska, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Japan. China is going to get a massive amount of natural disasters.

Instead of losing the next US Presidential election, Trump will have some kind of negotiated settlement. The settlement will see him resign in 2019, but it could be early 2020.

We're going to hear more voices coming from outer space.” And not just voices, either. We’re going to see more UFOs coming to earth… A spaceship might land by the end of 2019, 2020 for sure. It’s not going to be anything to be scared of. There’s another planet like us out there.

Trump will almost go to prison for something he did, but he'll just barely get out of it.

Breakthroughs in breast cancer, breakthroughs in Alzheimer’s, breakthroughs with arthritis as well.

North Korea will head for democracy.

Trump controversy will continue but he will dodge impeachments and continue to be popular.

A nuclear accident.

Satellites and other cosmic items will hit the earth.

An assassination attempt on Mr Trump (during his second term), armed conflict in the Middle East and renewed relations with his Russian counterpart between 2019 and 2020.

Beyond 2019:

Aliens come to earth and will crash all over the place. We as humans will make peace with them. We will live alongside these creatures and be super content about it.

The United States will go to war with North Korea.

Humans will plug into computers as a first step to immortality.

Time travel will be possible by 2028.

The world becomes one big, whole country. And since we will be one country, we will have one single flag, especially since we are a united hybrid of people and aliens.

There will be forest fires everywhere and that some states will be covered in water from global warming. This will happen from 2019 to 2030.

A robotic eye will be introduced and anyone who has ever been blind will be able to see. An implanted chip will allow paralyzed people to walk again.

President Trump will serve a second term in office. The granddaughter of Martin Luther King, Jr. will be elected president in 2028.

An implanted chip will allow people to expand their brain power.

a global war lasting 27 years will break out in Europe and ravage the continent.

The big war will start in France and all Europe will be attacked, It will be long and terrifying for everyone.And then finally there will be peace but only a few will enjoy it -- A war will start between the two great world powers and it will last for a period of 27 years.

A flood will be the result of an asteroid crashing into the Mediterranean Sea.

According to Nostradamus, the literal personification of evil will arrive on Earth in the form of Mabus the Antichrist. The real danger will come when Mabus dies – an event which will trigger the outbreak of World War 3. When this happens, a war against the “three Eastern kings” will engulf the world in turmoil.

(scroll down below for more predictions)
Science, Astronomy, & Physics
/ Re: New Horizons Ultima Thule pictures
« Last post by Psk on January 25, 2019, 05:50:48 AM »
They've finally released a better picture. I'm sure there's more to come someday.
Science, Astronomy, & Physics
/ More Lunar probes & beyond for 2019
« Last post by Psk on January 03, 2019, 10:16:53 PM »
A lot of space organizations have big plans of their own for our sole natural satellite. China's space agency could landed its Chang'e-4 craft & its rover on the far side of the moon. The lander will explore the area near the south pole on the side of the moon that always faces away from Earth.

Lunar traffic will likely pick up with a planned lander/rover mission by India's space agency that could launch as soon as Jan. 30. A few weeks later, a SpaceX Falcon 9 is scheduled to send the first Israeli lunar lander on its way.

Google Lunar XPrize contestants, SpaceIL and at least three other finalists -- Berlin's PTScientists, India's Team Indus and Florida-based Moon Express -- are all aiming to land on the moon at some point in 2019.

Moon Express and a fifth XPrize finalist, Astrobotic, have also been chosen to work with NASA to send new science experiments to the surface of the moon. At a press conference in November, the space agency said the first commercial lunar payloads from the program could fly in 2019. They'll likely demonstrate technology needed to develop future lunar landers and missions.

China may be able to launch its Chang'e-5 mission by the end of the year. The follow-up to Chang'e-4 would collect samples from the surface and bring them back to Earth, marking the first time that's happened in decades.

Other spacecraft will get closer to space rocks in 2019. Both Japan's Hayabusa-2 and NASA's Osiris-Rex will spend part of the year making preparations to swipe samples of the asteroids Ryugu and Bennu, respectively. Hayabusa-2 is scheduled to collect its sample this year while Osiris-Rex will wait until 2020.

NASA's Juno spacecraft is scheduled to make seven more close passes by Jupiter in 2019.

Mars Insight probe will get to work drilling into the Martian surface to explore the planet's interior and listen for "Marsquakes."

Europe's Characterizing Exoplanets Satellite (CHEOPS), which is meant to provide a better look at exoplanets around distant stars. It could launch as soon as November.

Rare glimpses of the far side:
Science, Astronomy, & Physics
/ Re: New Horizons Ultima Thule pictures
« Last post by Psk on January 02, 2019, 11:01:23 PM »
From the color of the true color image, & texture, it appears to made of the same kind of material as Pluto's moon, Charon.

See the best Pluto images (14 pages of images) here:,55.7.html
Science, Astronomy, & Physics
/ New Horizons Ultima Thule pictures
« Last post by Psk on January 02, 2019, 11:00:42 PM »
These are the first pictures of Ultima Thule from the New Horizons probe way beyond the orbit of Pluto. I'll post more enhanced images of it if they become available (scroll down to near the bottom for the most recent pictures).
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