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Paranormal, Aliens, & UFOs
/ Psychic predictions for 2020 and more
« Last post by Psk on March 31, 2020, 09:49:13 AM »
A collection of predictions made from various popular psychics from around the world, before the corona virus. Note very few of them hint about it before the virus was known.
(Make sure to check out the predictions for 2019, there are some predictions for 2020 & beyond there too: )

- I had seen a lightning strike.  But then I saw that the lightning released an winged orphic egg which is an ancient symbol of renewal.  So good will come from all of this difficulty. I saw a recovery by the mid to late 2020’s and a rise in progressive women leaders.

- A lot of people will retire. The baby-boomers with retire earlier. And the next generation, their home life will be more luxurious, because they’re going to have everything that they want right there. There won’t be any need for going to a movie if they have it there. If they want to order food, they have it there. Maybe a robot will come and deliver. The robots are going to take over, for sure.

- Jeane Dixon, a woman who predicted the murder of JFK, the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, and the Launch of Sputnik supposedly predicted the Apocalypse would begin in the year 2020. She said that Armageddon would take place in 2020 and that Jesus would return to defeat the unholy trinity between 2020 and 2037. Interestingly, the French Astrologer Nostradamus is also said to have supposedly predicted 2020 as a catastrophic year for humanity.

- Pakistan, China, Japan, and Alaska would be hit by a massive water surge in 2020. A 7.5-magnitude earthquake will hit Asia in 2020. A meteor would hit Russia this year.

- Donald Trump will not be re-elected during the 2020 presidential elections. In fact, many psychics believe that he’ll actually resign before his presidency is up or will be impeached.

- Chinese may experience a health problem, and some rather troubling attempts to sabotage foreign nations. Tourism is going to plummet as people go out of their way to avoid the country. The psychic predictions for 2020 suggest that a new strain of bird flu is going to hit the country hard.

- It appears the Russia and China will become closer allies in 2020. This might have something to do with the problems that China is going to be facing, but Putin will play the hero, and China will owe Russia as a result.

- Conflicts in the middle east will decline. Some psychics see a greater threat emerging. The arrival of this new threat will be signaled by a horrifyingly destructive explosion or something in 2020 or 2021. This will take place somewhere in Iraq and won’t be attributed to a single bomb or missile, but rather something far more devastating.

- The psychic predictions for 2020 suggest that a necessary disaster will take place. This may be the result of climate change and will be more powerful and devastating than the burning of the Amazon.

- Trump will be defeated, although he won’t go quietly.

- Heavy winds in the UK.

- President Donald Trump will be re-elected in 2020.

- Gas prices will skyrocket due in part to drone strikes on Saudi Arabia oil reserves. Lots of price gouging by gas stations.

- a huge earthquake that moved land at least a foot.

- Trump may not complete his second term in office. The Democrats keep control of the House in 2020 and Republicans win the Senate.

- The most terrifying prediction from Baba Vanga is the Armageddon that will occur in 2020, leading to the end of the world. 2020 will be a turbulent year with a war in the Middle East, natural disasters and political unrest. Hong Kong riots will escalate leading Government X0 Jinping to make sweeping changes to avoid being overthrown. The USA will also experience earthquakes.

- Revolution in China. European Economic Crisis. More war in the Middle East. Riots in Iran, Ali Khamenei retaliates.

- A war between Saudi Arabia and Iran. American Aircraft Carrier struck by a missile. Putin and Trump enforce a temporary peace deal. The trade war with China will escalate as riots sweep China. Donald Trump will be injured in an assassination attempt. He will have a stomach problem that will temporarily interrupt his work. Continued hurricanes, fires and an earthquake in the US will threaten his presidency.

- Eventually – not in 2020 – Kim Jong-un will be deposed by his own people.

- Miami badly damaged by a hurricane.

- Voyager 2 gives a mysterious last message that some interpret as alien contact. There will also be some strange news about the planet Jupiter.

- Large groups suffocated by a deadly smog in China.

- Volcanic activity in Ireland – however, there won’t be an eruption.

- I don’t think Trump will see out his second term. There will be illness or injury or something that will stop him from doing so. It might be like six months after the election.
Media, Music, TV, & Movies
/ Lost In Space-Season 2 moved to Dec. 24
« Last post by Psk on December 08, 2019, 12:19:09 PM »
Netflix announced that is has changed their mind. Instead of airing season 2 of Lost In Space in late 2020, as they previously announced, it will air on December 24th.
Media, Music, TV, & Movies
/ WKBW radio 1968 & 1973 Halloween broadcasts
« Last post by Psk on October 31, 2019, 06:13:44 PM »
You old radio fans are gonna love this, these are 1968 & 1973 Halloween broadcasts from WKBW AM radio.

1968 WKBW's War of the Worlds
9mb, 1 hour & 17 minutes.

1973 WKBW's all-night show, with stories, specials, & including War of the Worlds.
27mb, almost 4 hours long.

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Media, Music, TV, & Movies
/ New Sci-Fi shows delayed by a year or more
« Last post by Psk on September 26, 2019, 11:35:48 AM »
As the new TV season begins. Sci-fF fans are disappointed that new episodes of favorite Sci-Fi aren't here yet. Star Trek Discovery begins in February. The Orville, according to Seth MacFarlane won't air until the end of 2020. It will move from free FOX TV to pay TV HULU. I guess we'll have to polish our torrent skills. But by then, most of us would have forgotten about the series... such a long delay will most likely be an epic failure for the show.

Although the production of season 2 of the new Lost In Space series began a year ago, in September of 2018, Netflix says it won't air until the end of 2020. This will also be another epic fail due to ridiculously long delays between episodes.

The Sc-Fi department at the BBC has their share of lazy writers & actors too. They seem to want to lay around or jerk off rather than try to work at a full time job that overpays them. They announced that new Doctor Who episodes won't air until "sometime" in early 2020.

I see a pattern here. They can't even set a ballpark date as to when they'll finish a job. When I see people who cannot commit to a specific date or deadline to get something done, it's usually a sure sign of addictions or sheer laziness -- both of which are rampant in the show-business industry.

They need to put aside the coke, or get up & go to work. It's not like they don't get paid enough.
General Discussions
/ 911 WTC calls
« Last post by Psk on September 11, 2019, 09:53:50 AM »
911 World Trade Center phone & aircraft calls:
Technology, Computers, & Electronics
/ Got Windows 7? Don't Panic!
« Last post by Psk on August 29, 2019, 01:09:12 PM »
Got Windows 7? Don't Panic!

Microsoft officially ends support for Windows 7 in 2020. That doesn't mean it will suddenly stop working, you'll get infected, or hacked. More people are getting infected & hacked on Windows 10 computers than any other.

As long as you keep your third party antivirus & browsers updated you'll be fine. Do not ever use Microsoft Explorer or Edge browsers on your machines... not even on Windows 10. Most other browsers are safer, more secure, & private.

I would never NEVER get Windows 10 on any machine. If it already came with W10 on it I will remove it to put Windows 7, or something (anything) else on it.

Windows 10 is not more secure. It's forever changing, so is forever creating new vulnerabilities for itself, while they still haven't found & repaired previous vulnerabilities. It's overloaded, bogged down, bloated, & slow. It's chock full of adware, spyware, bloatware, & unsafe third party advertisers or partners far beyond any other OS or mainstream software.

It's unreliable. At least every couple of months an update breaks it, or even if you set it to not update & not reboot while you're working, it will suddenly do that when you're right in the middle of something anyway. It constantly changes & updates my drivers to some generic or odd type of driver that don't work, while I already had the correct & updated driver for that hardware already installed directly from the manufacturer. W10 updates change my settings, so I have to spend hours putting all my setting back the way they should be... every damn month or 2.

W7 has been attacked to death for so many years, that there's very little left that is still vulnerable that hasn't been discovered & patched long ago.

Explorer & Edge browsers are always vulnerable, less safe, less secure, & less private than most other browsers no matter what version of Windows you use. Just don't use them. Almost all popular browsers are better.

Microsoft antivirus, security essentials, & defender are a joke. Almost any of the good free third party antivirus sofware & security are better.

I will be comfortably, safely, & securely using W7 at least until 2023. When it gets to be you can't install an updated browser or firewall on W7 anymore, then you will be at risk. But I'll bet there will still be plenty that work on W7 in 2025.

Updated Opera browsers, many good antivirus software, & firewalls can still be installed on XP & Vista. I've seen many schools, libraries, cash register systems, ATMs, & military equipment still running XP fine & not getting viruses or hacked. Indeed, recently I'm seeing more W10 infected or hacked machines than with any other OS.
Science, Astronomy, & Physics
/ Hubble imaged some of the oldest galaxies
« Last post by Psk on May 29, 2019, 11:32:50 AM »
Hubble just photographed some of the oldest & farthest galaxies. The tiny spiral & oval things are the galaxies.
Science, Astronomy, & Physics
/ New image of Southern Crab Nebula
« Last post by Psk on April 19, 2019, 11:53:18 PM »
Hubble took new image of the Southern Crab Nebula.

The decision to image the Southern Crab Nebula was for this year's Hubble Telescope birthday photo.

The Southern Crab Nebula sits in the constellation Centaurus, about 7,000 light-years away from Earth. What look like the legs and pincers of a cosmic crab are actually twin bubbles of gas and dust burped out by a pair of stars at the nebula's center. This celestial couple is composed of one red giant... a huge, dying star in the process of molting its outer shell of matter, and one white dwarf... the tiny, dead husk of hot crystal that remains once a red giant has loosed its last burst of gas.

This binary duo coexists in a relationship where the dying red giant continuously feeds gas and dust into the white dwarf via its gravitational pull. After piling up for thousands of years, all that space schmutz may spark an eruption on the white dwarf's sizzling surface, sending matter scattering through space in giant bubbles. Astronomers think this has happened twice in the relatively recent past, giving rise to the twin splatters of glowing matter visible in Hubble's images of the nebula.

A similar celestial explosion could even happen again under Hubble's watch in the near future.
Science, Astronomy, & Physics
/ Eastern Canada from space at night.
« Last post by Psk on February 13, 2019, 02:14:47 PM »
An astronaut took this picture of Canada from the space station
Pets, animals & nature
/ Re: Rare panther photographed for the first time in 100 years
« Last post by Psk on February 13, 2019, 12:58:25 PM »
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